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We know that...

Reach is one of the most important elements to your marketing strategy. You can create the best content on the web, but if no one sees it or is able to engage with it...useless.

There isn't a company or brand anywhere that can guarantee you a specific amount of reach, engagement, or sales - unless those metrics are being falsely generated. In that case, reach is the magic word.

I call it, casting a net - as if you're fishing. That net extends, and the smaller fish are released, while you continue to lock in on the larger ones...those who are truly meant for you, your content, and your brand. Make sense?

@ThePoshGirlsClub, we have received over 9 million in reach across posts and the content that's posted each day just continues to grow organically over time. We do no paid campaigns, it's all organic. Now imagine, getting access to that organic reach, and you being able to continue to amp up the reach we help you secure. 

That's reach + scaling engagement.

When you place your advertising order with us, you'll get a video from Tori with tactical strategies to continue making those results work for you! It has all the next steps you'll need to continue engagement with those you reach and show interest in your content, and even help you get more audiences just like them! The thing is...running ads on a page isn't just about what happens in the moment. It's about what you do with the results and continue to expand on it.



Choose Your Package

We have options for various budgets for you to choose from. Each option gets you more access, but always start where you are! Build in segments - it's a journey not a race! We're excited to help in the growth of your business and seeing your dreams made true! 


24 Hour story post

Choose this option for 24 hour story post to drive traffic during a live, podcast or video launch! Great for in the moment activity! We'll post to our Instagram + Facebook stories! Be sure to make a bitly link so that it can continue to drive traffic afterwards!

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24 Hour Feed Post

Choose this option for 24 hour post to drive traffic during a live, podcast or video launch! Great for in the moment activity! We'll post to our Instagram!

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Permanent Instagram Feed Post

Choose this option for a permanent Instagram feed post. We'll post to ThePoshGirlsClub Instagram. This is an excellent option for long-term reach + engagement. Our posts reach tends to grow with engagement over time, and as new content receives engagement (many have reached into 10 million+ likes, comments + views), you can potentially reach new audiences, too.

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Recommended Brands

For recommended brands, you'll receive a permanent highlight in the new upcoming Recommended Brands story highlight featured on the PGC page. These features are guaranteed at least 90 days, and will only be removed as the highlight completely fills up thereafter.

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Advertising Strategy

Need help creating your advertising campaign? Book a 90 minute session with Tori to create a tailored, tactical plan for your product, service, or launch! Ideate the customer journey, get help with designing the right images, sales copy, help structuring the emails - it's your time, spend it creating the best plan for whatever stage your business is in!

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Digital Marketing Assets

Choose this option as an add on if you need an image designed for your post (story or feed).

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Order Instructions

Once payment is sent, you'll automatically be directed to a page with instructions on how to send your content. Please be professional with your content, we will not post anything degrading or offensive, etc. Consider the page theme + audience and send content appropriately based on your order details. We look forward to doing business with you!