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Can I just BE there already?


I don’t know about you… But sometimes I get this overwhelming, feeling of frustration and anxiety because quite frankly, I’m sick of the journey! I want to experience the more than the seeming struggle to get to where I want to be.


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Listen… trust me, I get it, including me, are always talking about how "life is a journey and it’s about taking one step at a time to get to where you want".

Blah blah, yea whatever - gtfoh. I want what I want + I want it - now!25

Waiting  can be very frustrating when you’re immediate circumstances feel and seem very dire.

This feeling can come from any moment of life.

Maybe you want to make more money and you’re frustrated because you’re living check to check and not sure how things are going to get better.

Maybe you feel like you’re not your best self, whether it’s internally, spiritually, externally… I remember when I first started my fitness and weight loss, health journey a few years ago really seriously. I was tired of passing by the mirror and seeing that little baby pudge at the bottom of my stomach. Actually, it was a big Pudge...I’m not gonna lie.

I wanted immediate results and I wanted to look and feel like the high school version of myself.

Judge me not, it was only about a four year period that I put on so much extra weight so I knew that it was possible for me.

I didn’t want the journey though. I wanted instant gratification because that’s just who I am.

I don't know if it's because I'm an only child, and quite frankly, still a child given the day or time you catch me, lol. Or maybe it's the fact that I am such a hustler, I will work days in a row to complete something I set my mind to. Also, I expect this from others, I'm not a fan of waiting, get me?

Whatever and wherever this comes from, I want it all - now.

But let me tell you something about what happened in the journey…

In the journey, I learned that there was a lot that I needed to learn and understand before I could have the end results. notion-meeting-notes

I had to learn a lot about self-worth and value, because spent so many years basing that value around how I was looking physically versus how I was mentally. And to make that  huge leap where I’ve gotten to the new version of myself, I could see how so much of me could get lost, and I could become someone who was focused on all the wrong things.

In fact, I found myself focused more on the external than the internal.

And we know what a slippery slope that can be.


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In the journey, the person that I grew to love was the one who was willing to commit to her end goal.

She was committed to trimming away parts of a life that were detrimental to my spirit and the person I really wanted to be.

I developed perseverance and persistence and a routine that quite honestly I am in love with.

Where I used to hate workouts and anything that required consistent physical activity, I have now found excitement when it’s that time of day. I know that I’m gonna be restored Mentally, and I’m gonna play my favorite songs and I’m gonna challenge myself and sweat and look forward to knowing that results are in the works consistently.

Beyond that, I focus more on intentional eating habits, meals, and what I put into my body. You see, the journey made me see the bigger changes that would impact my life beyond just the exterior - and getting that final result. 

I learned a big lesson...the routines that I developed in the journey are what will and have helped me to maintain the results I have, while continuing the pursuit of other goals. None of that could have been realized without the journey, without the routine. 

When I created ThePoshGirlsClub 12 week fitness, life planning journal + really was recounting those steps for myself. Essentially, the phases that I experienced and conquered, that I can repeat anytime I need or want to level up my results.

I couldn’t have discovered this version of myself if I had not taken myself on a journey. So sure, there are still those moments where I’m like can I just have the results already? Lol.

But most of my time is spent in covering committed, focused, driven, dedicated version of myself who loves me enough to commit to my dreams and goals. Who would I be without that?

If that's something you're looking for...structure, a process, a plan and a path to execute anytime you need to be focused on your goals and truly accomplishing them...grab your copy of my 12 week planner that you can execute any time of year and begin.

When you get your copy, you'll be entered into the 7 day free challenge to help you jumpstart your success.

You with me or what?

XX, PoshTori