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This Chapter Is Called...

 Thank You.

There are so many individuals that have been a part of my journey who've left an imprint on my life, cultivating the person I am today.


There was Mrs. Tina Jones, my Forensics Teacher + Debate Coach at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
She put me in so many rooms to win from a very important point in my life.
We dominated for 3 years straight! RIP Mrs. J. Challenge (4)
Thank you to the Found team for seeing vision in me, believing in my influence + value - big love for that!
Let's create an empire + legacy that helps people in their self discovery + growth journey's! 

My life Bestie + ride or die - Daphne Michelle. Thank you for always encouraging my free spirit.

And for your advice that I never take, keep trying though, don't give up on me!
To my sister Ava, who is undoubtedly my biggest fan - in her eyes I can do no wrong.
We didn't grow up together, but we will never grow apart. I love you both deeply.

Also, Joel + Rahim, the Co-Founders of SV Academy who gave me the gift of Conscious Leadership - I didn't always execute it well, but it's become an intentional work in progress.

My Mindset Coach + great friend Kyle - who has been a consistent force in my life, providing me the tools to become - authentically + unapologetically, compassionately me. 

To my sons, the loves of my life - Carmelo Anthony + Cristian Alexander.
Everything I create is to show you that if you work towards them + trust in God, your dreams can and will come true.

So dream BIG my loves.
And to this PoshGirlsClub...I love you with all my heart.

You could be anywhere in the world...but you're here with me.

Thank you for that.

XX, Tori Sherrelle
aka, PoshTori