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This thing that winners do…


I want to start out by stating the obvious…

I don’t consider myself a guru or master/expert at well, anything…except maybe funnels . I’m a beast at building those systems, lol!

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But I do consider myself a tough, highly capable, driven + motivated in the most consistent way. I don’t give up.

And in most cases, I’m giving every second to my goals, only to dive into the next one as soon as I reach the previous!

Still not sure if that’s innate, or repetition.

I lean more towards the repetition tbh. I think that stemmed from the feeling of achievement and praise early on, which I attached to the act of execution and reward. So over time, I just kept up that same process - until I realized I could have that all the time.

It’s important to me…winning.




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I get that everyone’s not this way - but I am.

And if you’re reading this…perhaps that’s something we have in common.

We’re winners. Proudly so.

Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. Being a winner means you're determined to go the distance, to push when others would stop, to stand tall even when you feel like falling. It's that never-say-die attitude, that constant hunger for success, that makes you a true winner. And remember, winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is.

I figured out just a few months back (after coming through another struggle, turned win) that there was something I’d done to create this pattern for myself test after test.

There was a series of steps that I take myself through to get my head in the right place, show myself grace + compassion, and then get on track to my new, or pre-existing goals.

As I mentioned previously, mindset is always the starting point for me.

People who consistently find success, or "winners" as they are often called, do so not merely through occasional bursts of effort, but through the cultivation and maintenance of good habits.

These habits, which can range from daily routines to mindset practices, become ingrained in their lives and over time, these consistent actions lead to their victories.

And let me be very clear here…I am not saying that I don’t fail just because I see myself as a winner.

I’m saying that I never stay there.

Having the mindset that I am in control of my life affirms that I can take the necessary actions to live whatever that life looks like.

And the second step in my process is planning.

I don’t mean to do lists that never get checked…

I mean plotting, visualizing, seeing the path, charting the steps!

Finally - the execution phase. The doing.PGC 2024 (17)

This is where the magic happens!

In the routine!

The doing accomplishes several things…

  1. You create steps + a repeatable process that works for your life.
  2. You learn about yourself - see missed opportunities and new ways of looking at various situations.
  3. You learn that you can do anything you need to. For you. There is nothing like truly knowing where your source of power is, and if you’re anything like me - the times where I’ve struggled have been the ones that spoke clearest to me who’s with me - and who was not.

The key to success lies in creating routines and diligently executing them.

It's not enough to just set goals; thriving lies in the consistent effort you make every day towards achieving them. This consistent effort, the habit of pushing yourself, becomes your routine. Once you've ingrained these routines into your daily life, executing them becomes second nature. The success you seek then becomes an inevitable result of your routines and the disciplined execution of them.

So, keep pushing, keep striving, and never lose sight of your goals.

Because that's what winners do.

I'm gifting 7 pages from my new planner (which I'm beyond obsessed with!) to a few winners who want to join me in a 7 day challenge to help you create a winning routine.

Want in? Of course you do, obvi.